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Women's Wellness Bundle - Post Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

These 4 punchy blends are perfect for all the Mamas deep in motherhood! Assisting with energy levels, stress and anxiety, sleep and digestive complaints. It's a power pack of goodness!

Just a reminder these blends are not suitable for mamas that are pregnant or breastfeeding due to the strong and naturally effective herbs. For those pregnant and breastfeeding mamas, check out our Pregnancy Bundle or New Mama Bundles... these are perfect you!


Full of herbs that help you feel energised as they stimulate the nervous system, naturally boosting your energy. Enjoy this invigorating and fragrant blend throughout the day for the natural boost that you need!


A cup of our Calming blend can help you cope with stress & tension by relaxing the mind & soothe the nervous system, allowing those feeling to drift away & welcome you to a state of calm.


The comforting combination of herbs can soothe stress and restlessness to support a deep and restful sleep. Enjoy your slumber… Sweet dreams x


Beat the bloat! Supporting healthy digestion & making life a little more comfortable for you. This refreshing blend is perfect after meals to help soothe & calm digestion.

Join us Mama!